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The nappy library enables you to try out different types, sizes and brands of nappies for a period of time to help you find the perfect nappy system for your family. We have set packs that we recommend; however we are more than happy to customise something to suit your needs. If you need any help with the types of nappies, please refer to our information section or contact us for assistance. Alternatively, book an in home demonstration (area permitting) and we can go through everything with you. The nappy library comes with comprehensive information as well as ongoing support should you need it.

Our main two libraries are the newborn pack, and the mixed pack. Both of these serve very different purposes. The newborn library has fewer brands however contains more nappies (to get you through those frequent newborn changes!) and it is not really an indication of what will fit long term. It’s about hiring nappies over buying them because they won’t fit for very long! We over a discounted flat hire fee for those families who wish to use the newborn library from birth, until they can fit into the mixed library.

The mixed library is often a much shorter hire time. It has fewer nappies but more brands and types (all-in-one, all-in-two, pockets, fitteds etc) and is designed to give you a short trial to see what works best for you and will be a good long term option for your family.

An example of nappy brands and types included in our libraries are:

  • Baby Bare
  • Baby Beehinds Fitteds with PUL coverK3__9072
  • Baby beehinds Magic-all
  • Baby beehinds Multifit
  • Baby beehinds Petite
  • Bambooty Easy Dry
  • Bambooty Basics
  • Bibs n’ Buns (WAHM)
  • Bublebubs Candies
  • Bumboo Luxury Prefolds
  • Close Parent Newborn
  • Close Parent Pop-ins
  • Designer Bums
  • Econaps
  • Effortless Eco
  • Fe Fi Fo Bum (WAHM)
  • Fluff E. Stuff (WAHM)
  • Grovi O.N.E.
  • Grovia All-in-one
  • Grovia All-in-two Hybrid system
  • Issy Bear Pockets



Please make sure you read all our Terms and Conditions prior to using the nappies including wash and care instructions.

Please note that we get a lot of library bookings and endeavor to meet the demand. There is often a bit of a waiting list for libraries especially newborn libraries over the summer months. If you would like to hire a library please contact us well in advance of the date you need it by.

Below is some more information on our cloth nappy library service.