Washing and Care of Cloth Nappies

Washing and Care of Cloth Nappies

We recommend joining the ‘Clean Cloth Nappies’ Facebook page or check out their website: https://cleanclothnappies.com, they are able to help you find a detergent and suitable wash routine that is best for your washing machine.

Once you have taken a nappy off baby, if it is not soiled with solid waste, place it in your nappy bucket or large wet bag provided. If the nappy is soiled with solid waste, deposit as much waste as possible into the toilet and if the nappy is still quite dirty give it a quick rinse in your laundry trough. Then place nappy in a bucket or the large wet bag provided. Once you have one to two days’ worth of nappies place them all in your washing machine. We recommended to do a pre-wash first with half the amount of washing detergent listed on the packaging, so the water is relatively clean. Most washing machines have a quick wash setting that runs for about 30 minutes. We recommend 40 degrees for the pre-wash as well as the main wash. Please do not wash in water any hotter than 60 degrees. After the initial pre-wash, there is no need to dry, add the washing detergent. Please follow instructions that are on the product you are using in terms of how much product is needed in relation to the size of your load.

Most supermarket brands of washing detergent are suitable. A few supermarket brand powders that we recommend include; BioZet attack powder, Omo, Eco Store, etc. Any detergent may be suitable as long as they contain no bleach, harsh chemicals or fragrances.

Hang your nappies up to dry in the sun if possible, making sure that any nappies with elastics are hung horizontally so to avoid damaging the elastics. You can also hang them inside in front of a window if the weather is wet outside. If it is necessary to use a dryer, ensure it is always on a LOW temperature setting for any nappy that contains PUL and/or elastic. Higher temperatures are suitable for inserts and boosters that do not contain PUL or elastic.

When using our nappies from the nappy library it is important to remember the following:

Please do not wash in temperatures hotter than 60 degrees or do a strip and sanitise on our nappies as this is done between every hire.

Under NO circumstances are you to use fabric softeners, vinegar or bleach. Never use nappy rash creams without a liner (supplied in library) unless you have an MCN safe cream such as the Grovia magic stick. PLEASE contact us to double check a cream is safe without a liner before use. If any nappies are returned with zinc-based stains from nappy rash creams you will be charged the full RRP of the nappy. If nappies come back with any issues, we will always contact you first to discuss.

All nappies are washed thoroughly and sanitised prior to any hire. We follow the strip and sanitise methods as well as wash routines from the ‘Clean Cloth Nappies’ website: https://cleanclothnappies.com. We recommend you join their Facebook group to find a suitable wash routine.