Precious Little Me provides a demonstration service where I can come to your home or workplace, mothers group, playgroup or anywhere else that suits you! This service allows you to see all our types of nappies in real life and learn all you need to know about using modern cloth nappies. This is a great option for those that are new to cloth and those that would rather see nappies in person before making a booking. It is perfect for group settings for you to have what we like to call a ‘nappy party’. Invite all your friends and enjoy some drinks and nibbles whilst learning about how you can save money with an environmentally-friendly and realistic alternative.

This service is also available to health professionals such as midwives, GP’s and paediatricians. We would love to educate you so you can pass on your knowledge to your clients.

It is a no pressure setting, there is no obligation to make ANY purchases or bookings. It is purely an opportunity for you to educate yourself and become familiar with modern cloth nappies.

Nappy Demonstrations start from $20 per hour for groups of 2-3 families. Larger groups are welcome and may incur a higher fee depending on the numbers. A free nappy demonstration is available when hiring from our cloth nappy library, this can also be conducted over the phone. This service is currently offered in the North Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, travel costs may also apply depending on distance from Doreen, Victoria 3754.

To book a demonstration, please contact us to arrange a time.